Feed Your Need Which Services Suit You Best?

Cloud Hosting is an environment ready-made for running web applications. If you need to run individual applications and want to set up the server in your own way, Cloud Server is a better option for you.

We’ve prepared the following table to help you decide which of our services will give you the best bang for your buck!

Cloud Hosting Cloud Servers
I run standard applications in PHP, Python or Perl with low or medium traffic.
I want to easily add other hosting and set e-mails and other hosting parameters in just a few clicks.
I want to set up the whole server myself based on my needs and manage it, including the operating system.
I run special and unusual applications or server settings.
I need guaranteed performance (CPU, RAM, and HDD).
I don’t need root access; I need to just usual SSH access to manage my websites and work with GIT.
I need root access (Linux) /Administrator Access (Windows).

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