Cloud Hosting Reliable Hosting, Served How You Want It


$ 1 / month

no commitments
    • guaranteed availability 99,99% 
    • none of the typical limitations 
    • fully-fledged cloud for a single monthly price 
    • unlimited space & website traffic (1 website is limited to 100 000 files or folders)
    • fast & powerful international cloud 
    • setup takes only minutes
    • the perfect blend of user-friendly and complex
    • DRUPAL console & DRUSH availability  
  • Pay-Per-Site Pricing

  • Unlimited Storage Space

  • Multihosting Solutions

  • Multiple PHP Versions

  • Perl, Python & CGI Functionality

  • MySQL & PostgreSQL

  • SSH Access (+ GIT)

  • Cheap Domains & Let's Encrypt

  • Any number of mailboxes


SnackHost Supports Popular Open-Source Software

The Best Datacenters

All on a global network

Using Cloud Services is a piece of cake with our simple control panel


SnackHost Dashboard gives you a fast and intuitive way to use all of our services on a computer, a tablet, or even a cellphone. Add a website in the time it takes to heat a bowl of soup, no matter where you’re working from.


Solutions, made-to-order. For a few more dollars you can add extra toppings to your account to take your snacking experience to the next level. SnackHost also offers pocket-friendly ways to register a wide array of domains with SSL certificates.

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Having trouble taking that first bite? Here’s a tutorial to get you on your way

    1. Create your account at
    2. You'll receive an activation email with further instructions
    3. Log in to Dashboard at and click on "Create a new Cloud Hosting"
    4. Pick your domain name and follow the instructions
    5. You'll receive an email with access to your new Cloud Hosting and further information about how to use it 


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