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What Is SnackHost?

SnackHost is a cloud hosting provider headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with an additional datacenter in Austin, Texas. The idea to create this unique service originated in 2013, while a small group of thinkers, led by Damir Spoljaric, a successful hosting businessman, were brainstorming new ways to contribute to the already-existing hosting business, VSHosting. The group eventually realized that they had stumbled upon a concept for an entirely new product: completely customizable hosting, tailored entirely to the customer’s current needs. Those were the very first steps of SnackHost’s birth. This year we are proud to finally announce that SnackHost has arrived, committed to customer success and to support, while providing the best hosting experience ever.

Key Facts

- a third location in South America is also being planned based on the “delicious” success that SnackHost is enjoying in Europe and North America

- SnackHost’s goal is to supply 50,000 clients with their services within 2 years from its entry onto the market, and generate around USD 4 million in annual revenue

- the service will initially be provided only from the datacenter in Prague, while SnackHost warms up the oven in Austin (Texas) to meet the demand to expand its operations overseas

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