What is SnackHost for?

SnackHost Cloud is a unique service that uses new technologies, including the OpenStack platform and two highly sophisticated datacenters in both Prague, Czech Republic & in Austin, USA. With SnackHost, you can quickly and easily reduce your hosting expenses for both websites and servers, while enjoying a new level of comfort in cloud services without traditional limitations. You can conveniently add either websites or servers on demand with payment based on services you actually use and without any commitments to day-to-day charges.

What are SnackHost's key advantages?

Complex – SnackHost enables its clients to run big Internet projects, as well as small, simple personal websites.

Easy to use – Our services save you time. Everything can be set up in just a few clicks.

Modern technologies – Offering a revolutionary service requires sophisticated technology and our services are powered by ultrafast SSD arrays and an openstack platform.

Pricing – Cloud Hosting for as little as $1/month and Cloud Servers from $10/month

Global – Snackhost boasts two state-of-the-art datacenters in both the US and Europe, with more to come.

What is the general description of Cloud Hosting?

SnackHost Cloud provides web hosting with no limitations of attendance or disc storage. You have the support of many technologies, including SSH and templates, such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc. You are charged for the number of websites you are running. All the websites are centralized and easy to use.

What is the general description of Cloud Servers?

Service of SnackHost Cloud Servers runs virtual servers in the modern OpenStack cloud with payment based on allocated performance. Performance is entirely scalable, including individual adjustments to CPU number, RAM and HDD. SnackHost Cloud Servers run solely on SSD technology, delivering the highest performance of disc I/O operations. Data are replicated in real time across several datacenters to ensure the highest security. By creating and relying on pre-arranged templates and simple manipulation, we are able to add a virtual server into the cloud in less than a minute.


Affiliate programs work based on partnership, or a commission cooperation between website operators. On one side you have an advertiser - a person or firm that has a product and wants to sell it. The advertiser will create an affiliate program where partners can register. After the registration in this program, each partner receives a unique affiliate link - a link to the advertiser's site.

As the partner, you can then place this link on your website, into your email database or even to your Facebook profile. Basically then everything works in a way that when someone clicks on this link and buys our product, you as our partner will get the commission. Our affiliate partners can earn an attractive commission of $50. The commission arises when client charges the maximum amount of $50. Client can charge this amount all at once or continuously for the first 3 months.

To become our affiliate partner, you do not need to pay anything for the registration. Likewise the registration into our affiliate program does not impose any requirements on the advertisement or sales. It is entirely up to you, your free will and abilities. Start now!



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