Datacenters The Core of Our Business

  • Austin, U.S.A

    SnackHost’s US datacenter is located in Austin, TX, where we were able to establish solid connections with key international operators. Austin was chosen for its strategic location and a low risk of hurricanes and other unpredictable risks. The infrastructure is located in a designated part of a state-of-the-art datacenter with the capacity to house tens of thousands of servers.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague is the heart of Europe, which is a prime location for ensuring quick connectivity throughout Europe. This made it an ideal spot for SnackHost to set up several of its datacenters. In 2015, Prague witnessed the completion of SnackHost’s newest datacenter, ServerPark, which utilizes TIER IV technology and can house up to 8 thousand servers. More reasons we chose the Czech Republic were for its optimal political and economic stability within the EU, as well as for its low risk of earthquakes and other catastrophes.

Why Choose Our Datacenters?


1. Constant, Dependable Access to Electricity

Our datacenters comply with TIER IV technological standards, which is the highest rating possible. All the datacenters in SnackHost use several transformer stations in N+N mode and backup generators in the N+N mode with a diesel reserve for up to 14 days in the event of a prolonged total power outage. Reliable UPSs are an important part of the power-generating system, as they run on two independent branches and maintain both the servers and cooling systems. In the event of a power failure, these USPs keep everything running while the backup generators get started.


2. Premium Security

It’s absolutely impossible to hack into our datacenters, as they have several security zones, ferroconcrete walls, a biometric access system, and permanent armed guards. Even international banks trust their data to SnackHost. All the datacenters are equipped with advanced fire safety systems that use inert gas, and other fire safety measures are implemented to make sure the servers remain active even during a fire and while it’s being extinguished. Several independent systems ensure safe and reliable cooling in any weather.


3. Ecological Datacenters

Both the datacenters and offices of SnackHost are as ecological as possible. This approach is environmentally friendly, as well as economical, and the money we save on energy allows us to keep our prices low, as well. We use only LED lighting and make use of residual warmth from our datacenters to heat our offices, and we intentionally employ technologies with only the highest levels of operating efficiency. As a result, our datacenters achieve around 1.2 PUE (PUE = coefficient of power usage efficiency).

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