11:41, 09.11.2017 SnackHost Kategorie: Blog,Cloud Hosting

SnackHost supports popular OpenSource software, and Drupal is a matter of course for us. In our SSH environment, we enable full use of the drupal features: drush and drupal console. In addition, you can also deploy drupal using Git or implement Drupal 8.

Drupal is a flexible and highly scalable web content management platform. It offers developers sophisticated APIs, basic site installation, and subsequent management. Officially supported databases in Drupal are the MySQL and PostgreSQL relational databases and from Versions 7 and SQLite. Expansion modules can use other types of databases – MSSQL, Oracle, MongoDB. Drupal is built in a modular way and sets forth its philosophy of code clarity and openness of the API. The modules available on Drupal’s site extend its functionality. There are also different distributions, ready-made packages with predefined functionality and already built-in add-on modules and theme themes. Drupal contains optional modules that can be enabled by the administrator to extend the functionality of the main site. These include, for example:

Access and logging statistics
Advanced Search
Blogs, books, comments, forums, and polls
Caching and throttling features for better performance
Descriptive URLs
Multi-level menu system
Multi-site support [53]
Creating and editing content for multiple users
OpenID support
RSS feed and resource aggregator
Security and notification of the new update release
User Profiles
Various access control restrictions (user roles, IP addresses, e-mail)
Tools for work (triggers and actions)

If you are a Drupal user, SnackHost is a clear choice!