Reliable data backup thanks to CEPH technology

11:43, 09.11.2017 SnackHost Kategorie: Blog,Cloud Servers

Disk data is always in danger by various defects. The best way to protect data against possible loss is to backup. At SnackHost, your data is always safe, thanks to CEPH technology and a 3-fold replication of all data to a full SSD array. For maximum security of your data, all data is replicated 3 times over the SSD field. SSD fields are used exclusively for high performance disk operations. CEPH enables automated replication of data within a cluster and is a comprehensive solution for redundant data storage.

Ceph replicates data and is fault-tolerant and does not require any specific hardware support. Thanks to its construction, the system itself restores and manages to minimize administration time and other costs.

During October, our 3x replicated fullSSD field was also increased to 9x20Gbps (180Gbps).