Free antiDDoS protection included in all cloud servers

15:35, 02.11.2017 SnackHost Kategorie: Blog,Cloud Servers

Lets start with introduction, what DDoS is. DDoS (distributed denial of service) is an attack, that attempts to discard target website or service from running by overwhelming queries or requests. This will overload the server, which in addition to a critical slowdown, may lead to its complete shutdown. The number of DDoS attacks rises up to dozens percent per year. The main reason is the easier and more affordable implement of DDoS attack. For example websites offering botnets are expanding and are much easier to access.

To ensure maximum protection for our clients, all SnackHost servers have integrated AnttiDDoS protection powered by Radware. Servers are automatically and free protected by a powerful antiddos scrubbing center. It is a unique antiDDoS protection, capable of protecting legitimate data streams from attacks in the order of dozens of Gbps. AntiDDoS protection, protects your cloud servers in SnackHost by clearing the attack and releasing only legitimate traffic up to L4 layer. AntiDDoS will protect your servers from volumetric UDP and ICMP attacks, from SYN / ACK / FIN FLOOD attacks, etc. Top antiDDoS protection is included in all SnackHost Cloud Servers from the most basic performance configuration.