and its advantages

Cutting edge infrastructure

  • Its own ServerPark data center.
  • Cutting-edge network components – we use MX960 Juniper and Cisco Nexus series 7000 routers that are key internet components in the Czech Republic. The whole network is designed to be ready for 100Gbps technology. We’re investing tens of millions of Czech crowns into network technology.
  • Dozens of experts – many specialists are looking after routine infrastructure operations 24/7. We have experience managing more than 6,000 servers, and in Eastern Europe we’re the biggest company in the field.
  • Anti-DDoS – all services are secured using cutting-edge premium anti-DDoS protection (using Radware technology)

Fair charging

  • We charge you for every day of use from your credit.
  • But you don’t pay for many months or years in advance (only domains are always charged annually).

No obligations of any kind

  • You can extend or cancel your services anytime. Obligations of any kind are so last century – and completely out of keeping with the flexibility of cloud services. So if you’re looking for obligations, don’t come to us ;-).

Real availability 99.999%

  • The whole infrastructure of the Cloud Hosting service is balanced between many different locations. This ensures maximum availability and protects against hardware problems of any kind. Everything is backed up multiple times with built-in redundancy.
  • For the Cloud Server service, maximum data security is safeguarded by unique data storage with triple replication among multiple independent locations. The infrastructure uses OpenStack and CEPH technologies.

Fastest connectivity

  • We’re connected to 5+ peering centers in Europe, including the biggest ones – DE-CIX is the only Czech company involved.  Our backbone data network covers all of Europe and TIER1 operators (e.g. Telia Sonera) provide first-rate global connectivity. Our total available connectivity is more than 1/4 Tbps.

Automatic and easy payment

  • For maximum comfort, clients can automatically charge up their credit every week by setting up payments from their debit/credit card. The system analyses consumption to predict the amount of credit needed for the following week, and  it dynamically adapts recharging to ensure you’re charged the minimum credit necessary.

11 years of experience

  • The VSHosting group has 11 years of experience. VSHosting is the biggest hosting company for individual hosting managed services in Central Europe.

Unique premium features

  • SnackHost clients can take advantage of unique functions e.g. SSH for Cloud Hosting, Drupal functions (drupal console etc.), GIT or PostgreSQL databases. SnackHost also supports the HTTP/2 protocol.